Now that the Supreme Court has overturned Roe v. Wade, it is no longer enough for Democrats to only be pro-choice. John and Michelle, his running mate and former board president of Planned Parenthood of Maryland, are committed to aggressively protecting and expanding the right to abortion care in Maryland. 

John and Michelle are proud to be endorsed by Pro-Choice Maryland Action, and will make Maryland a safe haven, and national leader in protecting and expanding the right to abortion care. 


In their first 100 days in office, the King-Siri administration will: 

  • Expand the Department of Emergency Management to provide housing for abortion-refugees coming from out of state, through MDEM’s individual assistance program.
  • Appoint a deputy secretary for reproductive rights within the health department. 
  • Under the deputy secretary for reproductive rights, organize a department that will:
    • Investigate denials of abortion and reproductive health care by providers; 
    • Study disparities in care; 
    • Recommend new best practices in line with modern advances in medicine; 
    • Work to protect the privacy and identity of people seeking abortion care, especially those coming from other states that may subject them to prosecution.
    • Ensure equity in LGBTQ – especially trans – health care
  • The department will establish an emergency task force for protecting and expanding reproductive rights involving racially, socioeconomically, and geographically diverse stakeholders including providers, abortion funds, and advocates to prioritize which areas are in the greatest need of abortion care and arranging care for people in those areas. 
  • Create a specific strategy for abortion care in Western Maryland, and other abortion provider deserts, which will likely see an influx of patients from West Virginia and already faces health care provider shortages.


Additionally, the King-Siri administration will:

  • Immediately enshrine the right to abortion care in the Maryland state constitution, including Medicaid funding for abortion in all circumstances. There is currently a statutory right to an abortion in Maryland, but a statute can be overturned. Enshrining the right to an abortion and state funding is an important protection against that. 
  • Fully fund and implement the Abortion Care Access Act, to ensure that every Maryland county has an abortion provider and that Maryland has the capacity to provide for people seeking care from out of state. 
  • Immediately release the funding for provider training that Governor Hogan is holding up. 
  • Work with States Attorneys and the Attorney General’s office to ensure that we protect the rights of all pregnant people, including those who miscarry, and those who help others obtain abortions.
  • Make Maryland a safe state for people seeking abortion and gender-affirming care who are forced to flee their home state and their Maryland healthcare providers. 
  • Appoint judges who will protect collateral rights like contraception, infertility treatments, gay marriage, trans rights, and beyond. 
  • Protect the Maryland licensing of providers who perform abortions out of state that would be legal in Maryland so that they can continue to perform abortions in Maryland.