For too long, politicians have promised progress on the challenges of climate change. It’s more clear than ever that those promises have been hollow. From rising temperatures, to increased severe weather events and flooding across Maryland, the threat of climate change grows more pressing every day.  

As Governor, John won’t just make promises to tackle the challenges of climate change — he will campaign and govern on meeting these goals. John has made it clear throughout his campaign that if we want to actually change things in Annapolis then we must campaign and win a mandate to take action on the most pressing issues facing Marylanders. From protecting and preserving the Chesapeake Bay, to ending the long standing inequities in environmental justice, to meeting the challenges of climate change head on, John is deeply committed to ensuring a whole of government approach to protect our environment and fight climate change.

John’s plan for a future in Maryland that mitigates the effects of climate change, creates good green jobs while shifting to renewable energy, reverses centuries long systemic injustice and protects the Bay is based on real achievable goals, with a clear roadmap to how we achieve each objective. John’s plan will invest in the long term future of our state by ensuring a carbon neutral future and the creation of a new green economy that lifts up everyone, especially the Black and brown families that are consistently left out of Maryland’s economic transformations.