John believes that health care is a human right. While Maryland’s unique health care system has had its fair share of successes, serious barriers to care and equity gaps remain.

Far too many Marylanders struggle to find the care they need. Almost 350,000 are uninsured.

The disparities in Maryland’s health care system run deep. Black and Latino Marylanders are uninsured at a disproportionate rate and are more likely to live in communities with fewer health care providers — particularly specialists. As a result, they face much higher barriers to getting the health care they deserve.

The infant mortality rate for Black Marylanders is almost 3 times higher than for white Marylanders and the rate of death from breast cancer for Black women is almost 20%  — over 1.5 times higher than the rate for white women in Maryland.

It’s clear that more must be done to give all Marylanders the quality health care they deserve.


As Governor, John will:

  • Treat healthcare as a human right and remove barriers to health care for all Marylanders, regardless of immigration status.
  • Remove barriers to primary care providers and specialty providers while working to ensure that all Marylanders face no barriers to emergency care, especially in rural Maryland.
  • Incentivize providers to locate in underserved communities, prioritizing specialists.
  • Create a permanent task force to analyze racial disparities in Maryland’s health care system, and make targeted investments to eliminate those disparities.
  • Take a holistic approach to health care by tackling the underlying causes of many health disparities such as poverty, environmental injustice, and access to fresh foods.