Maryland women face ever-present disparities. They make $0.86 for every dollar a man makes, with Black and brown women making even less. A quarter of female-led households in Maryland live below the poverty line.  Women also face significant gaps in health care coverage; and the lack of affordable, accessible, high-quality child care, especially as we look to recover from COVID, disproportionately impacts women.

Black women face uniquely significant challenges in Maryland. The maternal mortality rate for Black women in Maryland is almost 4 times higher than white women, 80% of Black women are the primary breadwinners in their households yet are not guaranteed paid family leave, and low-income communities are not guaranteed access to state funding for all reproductive health services including abortion — a policy choice that places a disproportionate burden on Black women.

John knows that Maryland women need leadership that will prioritize their needs and promote bold solutions to the issues they face.

As Governor, John will:

  • Work to speed up Maryland’s minimum wage increase and tie it to inflation.
  • Pass paid family leave.
  • Ensure universal access to quality, affordable early childhood education.
  • Expand access to health care, including access to all reproductive health services (including abortions).
  • Invest in the care economy and women-owned businesses that have been forgotten in our economic recovery efforts.