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Maryland voters say public school education lags behind

6/29/2022 | Zshekinah Collier


On June 21, The Fund for Educational Excellence, an independent nonprofit organization working to close the equity and opportunity gaps in Baltimore City Public Schools, and Baltimoreans for Educational Equity, a collective fighting for equity in education hosted a forum with gubernatorial candidates to gauge their priority to funding and improving education in Maryland.

Candidates were provided with a questionnaire to better understand their views on issues related to education. Nine out of the 14 candidates responded.

Jamal Turner, vice chair for Baltimoreans for Educational Equity, said the purpose of the questionnaire was to help the community hold candidates accountable.

Democratic gubernatorial hopeful and former educator John King received the highest score.

Ruth Farfel, manager of analysis and engagement for The Fund for Educational Excellence, said the scoring rubric was based on how well candidates answers aligned with issues important to the organization.

“We tried to be as objective as possible. We didn’t move the goalposts for anyone based on personal preference,” Farfel said.

The scores are a tool to help people make a decision and the organization encourages voters to read the responses from candidates and come to their own conclusions.